Glycolic Acid is Effective In Treating Various Skin Problems

The medical community is always looking for new ways to slow the aging process of the skin. The skin is often damaged by exposure to the sun and as we get older it also wrinkles.

As a way to combat this problem, research has been done to look at the effects of alpha hydroxy acids on wrinkles. One of the more popular alpha hydroxy agents being looked at is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a natural product that’s derived from fruits and sugar cane.

Research studies conducted have proven that glycolic acid can be very effective in treating dry skin, rough skin, acne scars, skin peeling, age spots and wrinkles. It also proved to be very effective as an adjuvant to topical drugs.

The findings from these studies show that glycolic acid can improve the white bread till skin conditions as well as reversing wrinkles. The results show that after using glycolic acid, wrinkles will disappear after a round 2 to 6 months. Deeper wrinkles will take longer, but they will generally disappear after one year.

One research study group consisted of women who applied concentrations of glycolic acid between 5% to 10% on their face two times daily. In the first and sixth weeks, they also applied a 70% glycolic acid solution that was washed off with water after a few minutes.

The participants in the study were told to avoid exposure to the sun and that they needed to use a sunscreen that had it SPF factor greater than 15. All the women’s faces were photographed before, during and after the study was done.

After 10 months the photographs of the women were reviewed. Photographic evidence showed that there was a reduction in wrinkles. The degree of reduction was mild to moderate in some of the women.

Despite these results, it is still unknown to researchers as to how alpha hydroxyl acids are able to modify wrinkles. They state that more extensive clinical trials need to be done to ensure that these results are valid.

Glycolic acid can be prescribed by doctors and dermatologists or be bought over the counter from pharmacies.

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