Glycolic Acid and Pregnancy

Is it safe to use glycolic acid lotion when pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

Many people ask if it is safe to use Glycolic acid or get a Glycolic Acid Peel while they are pregnant? The answer to this question is yes, it is safe to use Glycolic Acid while pregnant. In general if a pregnant woman should do a chemical facial or microdermabrasion that uses glycolic acid then generally it is not a problem. The danger may occur if women do those same procedure using chemicals that have not been research properly, with their effects on a pregnant woman.

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid and these are often used to enhance the look of the skin, by removing the layers of dead skin. It occurs naturally and it is ingested when you eat specific fruits.

The only risk of using Glycolic Acid might come when a woman uses higher concentrated levels. It has been shown that glycolic acid under 10% is safe and not harmful to the body. At these levels, the acid does not penetrate the skin far enough for it to be a threat to the blood stream, the life blood of the unborn baby.

Glycolic acid that is greater than 10% does however penetrate to the lower and deeper levels of the skin. It should be of little harm if it does penetrate to the bloodstream as it is a naturally occurring acid.

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