Glycolic Acid Peel

The Glycolic Acid peel is a way to remove the superficial layer of and individual’s skin. This is accomplished by applying the glycolic acid over the affected area and the acids should destroy the upper, superficial layer of the skin. This will allow for the dead cells to slough off and this will allow for a new layer of skin lining to be created. It is a good way to remove scars, back heads, white heads and many other types of skin problems.

There are different types of glycolic acid peels. There are the ones that are done by trained personnel and the others are over the counter, home kits. The chemical peels that are done by the trained individuals, use high concentrations between 20-70% to treat the skin. They have to be specially trained to effectively treat the skin.

Chemical peels should only be carried out by trained individuals. Complications from chemical peels may be irreversible.

Why Do People Get chemical peels?

People often get chemical peels to:

  • Reduce age lines such as wrinkles
  • Get rid of scars
  • Correct pigment problems
  • Treatment of skin conditions such as acne and get rid of whiteheads and blackheads.

What To Expect During A Glycolic Acid Peel?

When going in for a glycolic acid chemical peel, you can expect that your skin will be treated. Makeup will be removed and then the acid would be spread evenly across the face. This will be done till the entire face is covered. Once this is done you may feel a burning sensation for a few minutes. During this time the skin will turn white and then pink. After 20 minutes the solution would be washed off with cold water and that should conclude your first glycolic acid peel treatment.

The glycolic acid peel should not damage your skin once the acid concentration is at safe levels and it is used and applied properly. After the treatment there should be some flaking all throughout the face, this is normal and should only last 1-2 days. The face might also become red and irritated. The skin may also turn brown, feel dry, flake and peel for a couple of days.  Sunscreen should be used in the weeks and months after treatment to ensure that the sun does not damage it.

Because glycolic acid causes exfoliation, it is recommended to use a sunscreen with a high SPF rating for at least 3 months as the skin will have an increased sensitivity to the sun.

What To Do After Your Glycolic Acid Peel?

  • Once you are finished with your acid peel you should was your face and use a very gentle cleanser. You can also add a little moisturizing cream to the affected region to add some amount of moisture to the skin.
  • You should no apply any more glycolic acid to the treated area until the skin is healed.
  • You should avoid being in the sun too much and if you do have to be in the sun, use ample sunblock.
  • You should not irritate the skin, this means you should not be picking, peeling or scratching the skin.

How Many Glycolic Acid Treatments Are Needed?

The amount of glycolic acid peel treatments that are needed depends on the results wanted. It is recommended to repeat the procedure over time. 2 or more peels maybe needed depending on the type of skin and the desired results. The length of time to do this could be anywhere from a few weeks to a month.

What is The Cost of Glycolic Acid Peel?

The Glycolic Acid peels price can be anywhere from $100-$150, this is all dependent on where you go, the region of your skin that needs treatment and the type of concentration used in the glycolic acid.

Are There Any Complications Associated With The Glycolic Acid Peel?

  • Scars are possible from a glycolic acid peel. If scabs are not treated properly, then scars could possibly occur.

  • Redness, burning and itching are all common with these types of peels.

  • Blisters might appear, please consult a doctor if this occurs.

  • Possible allergic reactions to the glycolic acid peel.

  • The skin should feel and look normal after 3 days of the glyolic acid peel. If this is not the case please consult a medical practitioner.

  • Pigmentation of the skin could increase or decrease

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