Ingrown Hair and Glycolic Acid


An ingrown hair often occurs where the hair grows or curls back down into the skin. This usually results in a bump that becomes infected. Ingrown hairs often occurs in regions of the body  that people shave such as the face, arms, legs and genital region. These ingrown hairs can sometimes be painful and the bumps are often not pleasing to look at.

Glycolic acid is a useful treatment for ingrown hairs. Glycolic acid is often used as a skin exfoliant and it often removes layers of dead skin cells. When treating the skin with glycolic acid it often will leave the skin feeling very soft and smooth.

If you have an ingrown hair it is a good opportunity to apply glycolic acid over it. The bacteria will not only be killed, but the swelling and irritation will also be reduced. Glycolic acid should be used in concentrations under 10% as higher levels could cause more irritation. The acid will exfoliate the skin and also stop the oil from building up in the follicles of the hair. It is good to use this product in combination with salicylic acid. If done correctly there should be a big reduction the amount of ingrown hair that can be found.

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