Glycolic Acid


When it comes to treating acne, is a great source of information. They essentially look at the different treatments that are available for acne and the benefits that are associated with their use. One particular product that they look at is Alpha Hydroxy Acid – “AHA” (aka Glycolic Acid)

Spot Treatment – When it comes to spot treatment with Glycolic Acid, essentially states that to effectively treat the problem, it is important to use the regimen they suggest on the site daily. However the site goes on to state that if a zit should come up, then they will treat it with benzoyl peroxide and then apply 10% glycolic acid after. According to them, this combination will stop the zit from maturing.

Body Acne – In regards to Glycolic Acid, also looks at its use for the treatment of body acne. Generally the author of this particular page often states that when they wear sweaty clothing that is constantly irritating their back or after they get a massage, they will often use the back acne regimen.  This regimen includes the use of a light cleanser and a 10% alpha hydroxy acid such as Glycolic Acid.

Other Information when looking at Glycolic Acid has issued a Sunburn alert. This alert essentially states that when you use alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid, there is the possibility that the sun will be sensitive to the sun. This makes it easier to get sunburn. As a way to reduce it, it is import to limit how much time you spend in the sun as well as wearing a proper sunscreen.

Another tip that issues in regard to Glycolic Acid is the fact that you need to be on their regimen for awhile before using the acid. Glycolic acid can prove to be quite irritating, especially if you use it in combination with benzoyl peroxide. After a couple of weeks the body will get used to it.

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