Glycolic Acid Peel Home Treatment

Many people have heard about the wonderful results in having a glycolic acid peel done. Some people are not interested in going to the spa to have this peel done and would love to have it done by themselves at home. There are many different glycolic acid peel home treatments available that can allow the individual to get the results that they want from the comfort of their home.

Do it yourself Glycolic Acid Peels can be found at local drugstores or on the internet. These products claim to give the same results as having an acid peel done in the spa. These home products that contain Glycolic Acid often have very detailed instructions and important warnings. This should be read carefully by the individual who is considering using this product.

These home kits are a good way to save money if you want to have a glycolic acid peel. The results may not be the same as ones in the spa, but many people are satisfied with the results.

Home Glycolic Acid Peel Process

There are different processes that need to be done once you have and plan to use your home peel

Instructions – You should carefully read the instructions that came with the home peel before you begin using the product. These instructions will often carry specific actions that need to be done and warnings that need to be heeded.

Testing The Product – It is reccomneded that the individual do a patch test to ensure that they won’t have an allergic reaction to the ingredients of the peel. This should be explained in detail in the

Get The Supplies – The instructions should state the different supplies that will be needed. This will be sure to include a mixture that will be needed to neutralize the acid.

Application of The Acid Peel – Some kits will provide a brush to apply the peel, while others will suggest that you use the fingers. ┬áThe acid should not be rubbed into the skin and areas such as the mouth, eyes and other mucous membranes should be avoided.

Neutralizing the Acid – Once the acid has been applied, after a couple of minutes it will need to be neutralized. This mixture should be had before hand and applied to the face. This is very important as if the acid is left on, it could burn the face. The face should be flushed with warm water after the peel has been neutralized.

Drying The Face & Moisturizing It – After the peel has been neutralized, the face should be dried. This can be done by gently patting a towel the face. The face should then be moisturized as this will help with the peeling process.

Peeling of the Skin – Skin peeling will begin but it won’t be anything drastic. The peeling of the skin will be very gradual and subtle. Some people might experience a bit of redness.

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