Glycolic Acid and Acne Scars

Acne scars are blemishes that are left on the skin that acne after they die off. The scars are visible on the face due to the skin pigment color defect or defects with the texture of the skin. Generally these acne scars are often treated with solutions that come from the alphahydroxy acid group.

Glycolic acid is an alphahydroxy acid that is used and found in many skin care products. It is very popular as it is very beneficial to the skin. Because it is an alphahydroxy, it is a very good cleaning agent for the skin.

When it comes to the treatment of acne scars, Glycolic acid is a good product to do the job. People who want to clean their skin on a regular basis then it is good to use glycolic acid and a combination of salicylic acid as they haveexcellent exfoliating properties.

How Glycolic Acid Treat Acne Scars

The main reason that Glycolic acid is used for the treatment of acne and acne scars is mainly due to its acidic properties. It is able to kill bacteria and also exfoliate the skin, which works out to be very beneficial.

When glycolic acid is applied to the skin, it is able to penetrate and attack the bonding substance that is responsible for dead cells that can be found in the dermis. This layer of dead cells is the starting point for the development of acne.

The glue properties of substance are killed and the dead cells are prevented to form a clump to exhibit bacterial activities. This process makes the follicle to remain clean and allow the oil glands to freely supply oil on to the surface of skin through the duct carrying with them the dead cell. The dead cells are washed off by natural exfoliation process and the new skin layer comes up.

In another process, glycolic acid is able to stimulate the Glyco-Amino-Glycans leading to development of the Hyaluronic acid a compound that maintains the moisture of the skin by binding the water molecule in a form of gel like layer. Another process that glycolic acid assists in is the development of more elastin and collagen. This allows the skin to remain elastic like a rubber.

Glycolic acid is also used to make the edges of skin pore is contract and this results in the skin having a tighter feel and look. This helps the skin as when the dirt is cleaned and the pores contract, there is very little chance of dirt getting into pores which will eliminate the possibility of the development of acne and acne scars.

Glycolic Acid Products

Glycolic acid is available in many different product forms. You can get them in lotions, gels, scrub creams, facial masks and moisturizers. When applied constantly, the skin will naturally become more tight and bouncy and have a healthy texture.

It should be noted that Glycolic acid makes the skin sun burn sensitive. As a result of this, it is important to wear sun protection, like sunscreens if you plan on going out in the sun.

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